[Upcoming Film] The Sweet Romantic Comedy of Jo Hyun-Jae and Cha Ye-Ryun!

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여배우는 너무해

Prideful actress meets the clumsy adult-only rated director!

Handsome Jo Hyun-Jae meets the fashionista Cha Ye-Ryun at the screen with the movie <The Actress is Too Much>. It is a romantic comedy about the story of the top star Nabi (Cha Ye-Ryun), who always creates scandals and is known for her ‘terrible acting,’ as she gets cast in the new director Hong (Jo Hyun-Jae) who got popular with adult-only rated scenes in his movie.

Both of them will be showing totally different characters. Jo Hyun-Jae, who used to show his gentle and nice charms, tried his first comedy with the movie as he turns into a clumsy director Hong. Especially, it is his comeback to the screen in 8 years since <GP506>. Cha Ye-Ryun previously had cold and city-like image, but she plays the top star ‘Nabi’ who is clumsy but lovely.

<The Actress is Too Much> opens February 27.

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Written by Han Jihee