[Upcoming film] , Miracle of an Island Made by Yoon Si-Yoon and Yeo Jin-Goo

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The movie <Mr. Perfect> is a story of a former star-golfer Baek Se-Jin (Yoon Si-Yoon) who has lost everything from a drunken driving accident. He goes to an island to recover, and discovers a school that is about to be closed. To save the school that has 6 students, the trouble maker Lee Byeong-Joo (Yeo Jin-Goo) and innocent children goes on an adventure.

Yoon Si-Yoon played a troubled pro golfer, who gets dragged into the plot to save the school. This movie will be his last movie before the military service.

As his co-star, Yeo Jin-Goo, who showed an impressive acting in <Hwayi: A Monster Boy> stars. In addition, solid list of supporting actors including Park Sang-Myun, Cheon Ho-Jin, Lee Gyeung-young, Lee Byung-Joon, and Lee Won-Jong creates more curiosity.

Continuing from <The Way Home>, <My Teacher, Mr. Kim>, and <Punch>, <Mr. Perfect> will provide delightful laughs and emotions. The movie opens April 3.


Written by Han Jihee