[Upcoming Film] Kim Hee-Ae Returns to the Screen in 21 Years with “Elegant Lies”

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Can our lies be elegant?

Based on the novel of Kim Ryeo-Ryeong, the movie <Elegant Lies> shows the process of the mom ‘Hyun-Sook’ (Kim Hee-Ae), her daughter ‘Man-Ji’ (Ko Ah-Seong), and a friend ‘Hwa-Yeon’ (Kim Yoo-Jeong) finding the secret of the 14-year-old girl ‘Cheon-Ji’ (Kim Hyang-Ki) who has left the world without a word.

With the reunification of the staff members of <Punch> and the ensemble of four actresses, the movie raises much anticipation. Especially, this movie is Kim Hee-Ae’s new movie in 21 years since <101st Proposal>.


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Kim Hee-Ae plays ‘Hyun-Sook,’ a clumsy mom who is in charge of her family. Ko Ah-Seong plays chic sister ‘Man-Ji,’ Kim Yoo-Jeong plays Cheon-Ji’s good friend ‘Hwa-Yeon,’ and Kim Hyang-Ki plays the mature sister ‘Cheon-Ji.’ In addition, Yoo Ah-In plays a unique character ‘Choo Sang-Bak,’ showing his new side. Director Lee Han of <Punch>, the writer of the original novel Kim Ryeo-Ryeong, and the staff members once again reunited.

The movie <Elegant Lies> will open on March 13.


◎Photo Gallery – <Elegant Lies> Poster & Still Cut 


Written by Han Jihee