[Upcoming film] “My Boy” – A Family Movie Starring Cha In-Pyo and Lee Tae-Ran

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Opening in April, <My Boy> is a movie directed by Jeon Gyu-Hwan, starring Lee Tae-Rand and Cha In-Pyo, both of whom have had long breaks.

It is the sixth movie by Jeon Gyu-Hwan, who has received international attention through so called <Town Trilogy>: <Mozart Town>, <Animal Town>, and <Dance Town>. He has been directing movies with strong subjects, and received ‘Queer Lion Award at the 2012 Venice Film Festival’ and ‘Grand Prize Award at the 2011 Dallas Asian Film Festival.’ However this time, he has created a family drama with a sincere and warm message.

Star of the ‘King’s Family,’ Lee Tae-Ran plays the mother, and Cha In-Pyo plays the potter who helps Lee at her side. New star Lee Seok-Cheol plays the young boy who cannot provide anything for his brother.

Depicting the sadness of the mother (Lee Tae-Ran) who has to let her sick child go, the scar of the brother (Lee Seok-Cheol) who is left behind, and the regret of a bystander (Cha In-Pyo), <My Boy> opens April 10.


Written by Han Jihee