[Spot] Realistic Subject, Hot Pursuit “Tabloid Truth” Press Release

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On February 14, the press release for <Tabloid Truth>, the movie about the other side of the world of tabloids, was held.

<Tabloid Truth> is a movie about realistic crime pursuit of entertainment manager ‘Woo-Gon’ (Kim Kang-Woo) who has lost everything due to stock market tabloids, as he chases after the source of the tabloids. Perhaps since it was the press release with the reporters who gets ‘tabloids’ most often, the press showed much interest and attention.

Kim Kang-Woo commented regarding the most challenging scene, “The chase scene in the city was the most challenging. While it was a scene that showcased Woo-Gon’s relentless character, it was really hard to chase after the car on foot.” Also, about the action scene with Park Sung-Woong, he said, “I trusted him no matter what. We thought of each other’s safety as the utmost priority, and fortunately we were able to finish it successfully.”

Jeong Jin-Yeong said regarding his transformation, “I gained weight in order to approach the audience as a familiar character.”

When Park Sung-Woong was asked if he would create a new fad word since <New World>, he said, “After watching it, I keep thinking of ‘Promise me.’ Contrary to my character in <New World>, this character acts things out himself, giving out a different charm.”

As the last comments, Kim Kang-Woo said, “Along with the world of tabloids, please keep an eye on Woo-Gon as he regains his life.” Jeong Jin-Yeong said, “I feel that this movie described the world of tabloids successfully.” Go Chang-Seok said, “I hope Park Sung-Woong would become the lead of a romantic comedy after the success of this movie, and hope to take a part in it.” Park Sung-Wong said, “It was great to take a part in this movie with great cast members. I hope our energy is well-delivered to the audience as well.”

Meanwhile, <Tabloid Truth> will open on February 20.



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Written by Han Jihee, Photo Provided by CJ Entertainment