[Spot] ‘Introducing Gangnam to the World’ EXO to be Appointed as the Publicity Ambassadors for Gangnam-Gu

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On February 28, group EXO participated in the appointment ceremony for ‘Gangnam-Gu Goodwill Ambassadors.’ Many fans gathered to the scene since the early hours.

Gangnam-Gu appointed ‘SHINee’ and ‘EXO’ as ‘Gangnam Ambassadors’ to promote ‘Gangnam-Gu,’ with the purpose of increasing visits of foreign tourists. Gangnam-Gu aims to attract a total of 8 million tourists this year, and chosee ‘SHINee’ and ‘EXO’ to be the perfect ambassadors with their fans all over the world.

Starting this March, Gangnam-Gu plans on advertising on airports and terminals using the images of ‘SHINee’ and ‘EXO,’ which is expected to have a great effect on attracting tourists to Gangnam. Gangnam-Gu Office Chief Shin Yeon-Hee said, “Since many entertainment agencies are located in Gangnam, the appointment of ‘SHINee’ and ‘EXO’ as Gangnam Ambassadors will greatly aid in attracting tourists. We will do our best to set Gangnam as the first destination in Korea.”

Meanwhile, Gangnam-Gu plans to establish various tourist infrastructures including expansion of Gangnam Tourist Information Center, and completion of Hallyu Stars Street.



Suho said, “It’s an honor to have become an ambassador.”


Chan-yeol showed a bright smile



EXO members getting ready for the photo time


Written by Han Jihee, Photo by Ryuma