[SPOT] Press Screening for “The Law of Pleasures”

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The movie <The Law of Pleasures> became an issue, only with the combination of three stunning actresses

The press screening for the movie <The Law of Pleasures> was held on January 28 at Lotte Cinema Konkuk University. Actresses Uhm Jung-Hwa, Moon So-Ri, and Jo Min-Soo, along with the director Gwon Chil-In participated in the screening, and received great feedbacks as the movie with great harmony of the three actresses full of love and laughter.


Jo Min-Soo said that she was touched by her counterpart Lee Kyung-Young’s care

Uhm Jung-Hwas plays the gold miss ‘Shin-Hye’ who receives aggressive courtship from a younger man. She said, “Jo Min-Soo has an ability to emphasize emotions of her co-stars. I was very appreciative, and had a great time during the shoot,” mentioning the synergy created by the three actresses.

Moon So-Ri plays the provocative wife ‘Mi-Yeon’ who does not hesitate to say what she wants. She said, “Bed scenes still become burdens to me after 10 years, but it is something that an actress cannot avoid.”

Jo Min-Soo plays the single mother “Hae-Young” with a daughter. “Women in their 40s are still passionate. I worried in my 20s how I would live when I get older, but now I see that it is the same.”

They each defined ‘sensuality’ as ‘the instinct within one’s heart’ (Jo Min-Soo), ‘something that never gets old’ (Moon So-Ri), and ‘something that we have to carry on with’ (Uhm Jung-Hwa).

As the first movie as a Korean movie, <The Law of Pleasures> described the sex and love of women in their 40s. Opens February 13.




Uhm Jung-Hwa said that she was happy to have starred in the movie, as she always dreams of love



Moon So-Ri said that she decided to star in the movie just by reading the scenario

◎Photo Gallery – <The Law of Pleasures> Press Screening

Written by Han Jihee, Photo by Ryuma