[SPOT] 2013 Road for Hope, and Their Individual Changes

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On November 13th, the press release for <2013 Road for Hope> was held at KBS in Yeouido, Seoul. The program will have five episodes over five weeks, and feature five African countries that each have different scars such as internal wars, starvation, and extraction of child labor. Lee Bo-Young visited Democratic Republic of Congo, Jung Yun-Ho visited Ghana, and Kim Hyun-Ju visited Chad. After their visits, a small change has happened to them as well. (In addition, Park Sang-Won went to Uganda and Kim Mi-Sook went to Mali as part of the project.)


From the left, Kim Hyun-Ju, Lee Bo-Young, and Jung Yun-Ho (TVXQ)



◇ The Background Story Told by the Producer Kim Seung-Woo

“I felt that the program made in Korea had to be different, from the way they view Africa or Asia from Europe or USA. We didn’t simply want to go there to help them, but we thought about the actual sufferings they have to face. I wanted to talk about poverty and starvation through countries that have suffered and currently suffering atrocious internal wars. I wanted the audience to reflect upon our state as they witness five stories from the five African countries.


◇ Their Individual Changes


Lee Bo-Young “Due to the scar of their internal wars, Congo is a country dominated by violence. While staying there, I felt that simply being able to walk in the street and being able to drink a cup of water are things to be thankful for. A woman told me, “Don’t forget me, and that I’m here.” I want to keep the promise. I made”


Jung Yun-Ho “I realized that things that I took for granted were not the case for people living there. What they truly need is an attention that can make them feel loved. After my experience there, I keep smiling when things get tougher for me. For people there, my hardships were nothing. I promised to smile more when things get harder.”



Kim Hyun-Ju “While we all went to different countries, I think we all felt the same sorrow and pain. I have become more serious about my life since then. Though we went to dangerous places, what we did are minuscule things. I think now is the time that everyone should do something.”


Written by Milim Han, Photo by Ryuma