[SPOT] Press Screening for , a Historic Comic Action

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On January 23, the press screening for <The Huntresses> was held. Since it has already received much attention through comic action of the actresses, they led the press conference with witty comments.

Ha Ji-Won showed her skills by showcasing her Yo-Yo action in the movie, as well as belly dance that captured men’s hearts. She said, “I’m really happy since it turned out better than I expected.” Kang Ye-Won said “I went back to the child’s mind when watching the movie.” She also mentioned that she had forgotten how hard it was to shoot. Ga-In made everyone laugh with telling frank thoughts about the kiss scene with Song Sae-Byeok, and expressing her envy towards Kang Ye-Won’s glamorous body. She also declared her aspirations as an actress.

Highly anticipated comic action <The Huntresses> opens on January 29.




Kang Ye-Won was embarrassed because of Ga-In’s frank comments that expressed her envy towards Kang’s glamorous body


Son Ga-In said that she hopes to be a new actress who can accept both praise and criticism



Ha Ji-Won said that she chose this movie since her character is the one who provides wit in the serious action



 <The Huntresses> will deliver dynamic action and laughs. Three actresses asked for the support.


Written by Han Jihee, Photo by Showbox, Mediaplex