[MV] Wings – ‘Hair Short’

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New female duo ‘Wings,’ produced by the international agency Sony Music Entertainment Korea and Dal & Byul Music, has released their debut album.

Through online music sites, they release their debut single ‘Hair Short’ on March 12. With members Ye-Seul and Na-Young, they caught the attention with the teaser featuring the rising star Ahn Jae-Hyun, along with the logo designed by Kim Hyung-Tae of Busker Busker. With the meaning of ‘Rising up to the sky with wings,’ Wings will feature powerful vocals and performances.

Their debut single ‘Hair Short’ is a pop mixed with electronic and rock, written by Wonderkid and Luvan of 8Eight. The lyrics describe the two sides of girls who cut their hair after the break up.

Moreover, their music video for ‘Hair Short’ starring Ahn Jae-Hyun, took the motives from the movie ‘A Tale of Two Sisters,’ showcasing great videography.


Written by Han Jihee