[MV] Romantic Voices of Soyou and Junggigo – ‘Some’

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The second collaboration of ‘Soyou + Junggigo + Geeks.’

Junggigo, who specializes in hip hop vocals, collaborated with Sistar’s Soyou. Junggigo’s unique romantic voice harmonizes Soyou’s voice in the medium-tempo duet. Lil Boi of Geeks added his funky rap on top.

Their music video directed by Zanybros stars Baro of B1A4 and Dasom of Sistar. They delightfully expressed the beginning of the relationship. Baro showed various facial expressions to play the anxious man who has fallen in love, and Dasom, who currently stars in ‘Love Rides the Song,’ showed lovely behaviors that girls show when they’re in love. Their cute love story make the song shine even more.


Written by Han Jihee