[MV] ‘Orange Caramel’ Dances on Top of Cutting Boards – ‘Catallena’

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Orange Caramel has been showcasing unique concepts with every song they released, including ‘Magic Girl,’ ‘A~ing,’ ‘Bangkok City,’ and ‘Shanghai Romance.’

On March 12, they released a new song, ‘Catallena.’ With their new album ‘The Third Single Catallena’ upgraded the color unique to Orange Caramel.

The title ‘Catallena’ is written by Lee Ki and Suh Yong-Bae that wrote ‘Lipstick.’ ‘Catallena’ is a song with an Indian feel, which took the Punjabi traditional ‘Jutti Meri.’ The lyrics describe a character ‘Catallena’ who captures people with her weird charms.

The music video did not let their fans down. Their dances on top of dishes and cutting boards are addictive. Once you watch the video, you will be craving sushi. Moreover, Orange Caramel members promised that they will eat sushi on the stage if the get the first place. Will it come true?


Written by Han Jihee, Photo Provided by Pledis