[MV] New Transformation, C-Clown – ‘Justice’

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Group C-Clown (Rome, Siwoo, Ray, Kang Jun, T.K, Maru) released a new album on 13th, getting good responses with their comeback in 10 months. The title ‘Justice’ is an addictive song written by ‘Beomi,’ ‘Nangi,’ and ‘R.Tee’ under Sinsadong Tiger.

C-Clown’s stage performance for the song is impressive. With their ‘Chikichiki dance,’ they are hoping to join the list of top idols. A staff from their agency said, “In the current K-Pop where ‘sexy’ is the trend, we wanted to be acknowledged through our music.”

Meanwhile, C-Clown will go on a full promotion, building their fandom in and outside of Korea.


Written by Han Jihee