[MV] Yong Jun-Hyung – ‘FLOWER’

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Having been acknowledged of his ability as a producer as well as a singer, Yong Jun-Hyung of Beast finally releases his first solo album. He has fully produced Beast’s second full-length album <Hard to Love, How to Love> and Yang Yo-Seob’s solo mini album <Caffeine> with his partner Kim Tae-Ju. He also produced Shin Ji-Hoon’s digital single, <Right There>. Moreover, he received the New Star Award at the Korea Drama Awards with his role in <Monstar>. He is indeed an ‘all-around player.’

The title song ‘Flower’ is another song by Yong Jun-Hyung and Kim Tae-Ju, which shows a different feel from the music that Beast has shown so far. Simple but mysterious electric piano in the beginning and the saxophone melody in the end catch listeners’ ears. The poetic lyrics that use flower as a metaphor for past love deepen the environment. The music video expresses the sorrowful yearning through various motives such as snow flower and wax models in a quarry.