[Movie Preview] What Was For Them?

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The way director Bang Eun-Jin, Jeon Do-Yeon, and Go Soo look at the movie <The Way Home> is similar but different. Director Bang wanted this movie touch even the people who already know of the real story. The reason Bang made this movie is simple – describing the most primitive happiness of the mankind. She wanted to let her audience realize the happiness that comes from simply having a family together.

Written by Milim Han, Photo by Ryuma


◇A Word From Jeon Do-Yeon

“I felt that the mental prison was bigger for a human than the prison with iron bars.”


◇A Word From Go Soo

“While Jong-Bae went through traumatic stress not knowing where his wife is, I felt extreme emotions in reality and had to overcome them.”






TRUE STORY October 30, 2004, at the Orly International Airport in France. A Korean housewife in her 30s gets arrested as a drug carrier. She was carrying a bag in favor of her friend without knowing it had drugs in them. She was sent to prison for a year and four months, and was on probation for 8 months afterward. At the time, investigative program ‘Chujeok 60 minutes’ broadcasted the case and raised the public rage. She had to spend two years in horror without the protection of her own country or France.


EPISODE Director Bang and Jeon Do-Yeon said in unison, “Orly Airport officials were too mean to us.” Jeon said, “It would have been really nice to have just five more minutes, but they chased us out threatening that they would call the police. We were mortified. On the way back, I thought ‘I even received a decoration from France.’ I wish I had it with me, and maybe it would have helped us in the shooting.


*<The Way Home> Trailer: http://youtu.be/jKgR8hPbQik