[Movie Preview] “The Fake,” Dark Side of the Human Nature

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In a town that is bound to be submerged due to a redevelopment, a new church is built. An elder who seeks the compensations, the pastor who helps him, and the drunkard who is the only one that knows of their purpose. The town falls in a chaos because of them.

Upon reading the synopsis, it sounds like a plot of a live film, but it is an animation directed by Yeun Sang-Ho, who was highly praised with <King of Pigs>. The word ‘animation’ is not quite enough to fully describe the film.

The townspeople fall in a weird irony of religion’s aesthetics and its contradictions, and the main characters finally reveal their identities – they make this movie something more than a simple animation. Throughout the movie, it is hard to ignore the tingling feeling.

A woman with tuberculosis drinks the ‘water of life’ which the pastor preached as the cure-all instead of pills. She put her life and happiness on the line for the water; which is in fact just tap water. Another woman receives ‘the grace of the church’ and pays off her college tuition – in return she has to throw herself into the red-light district, but she thinks of it as the will of God.

On the day of worship, all townspeople rush into the church and cries for the grace of God. They cry and cry to ask their salvation. They easily believe that such shouting can open the door to the heaven for them.

The true entities of all the characters come from their weak human nature. However, such weakness does not end there – sometimes it is very violent and ugly.


Written by Milim Han