Baby-dols Are the Trend! Lovely Choo Sa-Rang and Kim Min-Yul

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So called baby-dols are gaining more popularity than idols in the weekends. MBC’s ‘Daddy, Where are you Going?’ and KBS’ ‘Superman Come Back’ are the main forces in the trend.

Choo Sung-Hoon’s daughter Choo Sa-Rang is the essential character in ‘Superman Come Back.’ Meanwhile, Kim Sung-Joo’s second son Kim Min-Yul is gaining more popularity than older children in ‘Daddy, Where are you Going?’ He will officially join the second season of ‘Daddy, Where are you Going?’ which starts soon.




★ Raise your hand if you like Sa-Rang!

Choo Sa-Rang always raises her hand for the food she wants to eat and says ‘Yes.’ When you see her eating meals with determination, you are sure to become her fan.

Choo Sung-Hoon turned into a national ‘daughter’s daddy’ from a strong fighter because of Sa-Rang. It is not an exaggeration to say that Sa-Rang is the main reason for the official programming of ‘Superman Come Back’ after its pilot.

Having received ‘Mobile TV Popularity Award’ at the 2013 KBS Entertainment Awards, perhaps she can say her acceptance speech in Korean in 2014.



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★ My precious child, Min-Yul

Kim Min-Yul starred in ‘Daddy, Where are you Going?’ from time to time as a cute brother of calm Min-Guk. When he cried, ‘my precious paper!’ for the map that was blown away, and when he unexpectedly sang children’s song sitting on the street in the brothers special, Min-Yul became the precious child for the viewers.

He talks non-stop even when he is alone, and even has a charisma of saying what he wants to say confidently to his dad and brother. With cute looks, he even overwhelms Yunhu with his cuteness.

In the flood of children-related programs, Choo Sa-Rang and Kim Min-Yul are becoming the national baby-dols.


Written by Han Jihee