[K-POP Dance Along] Orange Caramel – Catallena

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Let’s Learn the K-Pop Dance with the video!

Today’s tutorial is for ’Catallena’ by Orange Caramel.

It is important to look as cute as possible. For the first dance ‘Kallong dance,’ put your hands next to your head, and step as if your picking something with your feet. ‘Kallong’ is a dialect in Gyeongsang region. For ‘Hoy Hoy dance,’ dance as if you’re rolling a big ball with your left hand, and turn your waist as well. Lastly ‘ㅋㅋㅋ dance,’ is from the Korean letter ㅋ. Make your body in the shape of ㅋ.

There aren’t any challenging moves – all of them are easy to follow.

Let’s try it with the team Wawa from ‘Wawa Dance Academy.’


Cover dance by Wawa (Provided by WAWA DANCE ACADEMY)