From Cartoon, Drama to Musical – “Full House”

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Having gained much popularity with the cartoon and drama, <Full House> will be reborn into a musical. Originally a cartoon written by the cartoonist ‘Won Soo-Yeon,’ it was made into a drama with the cast of Rain and Song Hye-Kyo, and received 40% of ratings 10 years ago.

The musical <Full House> has been prepared over 5 years. Sung Jae-Joon, who is acknowledge as the best musical director in Korea with ‘Singles,’ ‘Caffeine,’ ‘Street Life,’ as well as the play ‘Masquerade,’ directs the musical. Hit composer Ha Gwang-Suk, who has written the titles songs for dramas such as ‘Money’s Warfare’, ‘First Wives’ Club,’ and ‘Tazza,’ as well as producing well-known singers such as Bobby Kim and Jo Kwan Woo.



Kim San-Ho, Seo Ha-Joon, Yang Yo-Seob, and Leo play ‘Lee Young-Jae’

For the part of actor ‘Lee Young-Jae,’ who is a rising star with the lack of communication skills, Kim San-Ho, a seasoned actor who has starred in the musicals ‘The Days’ and ‘Legally Blonde,’ the drama ‘Rude Miss Young-Ae,’ and the movie ‘My Secret Partner,’ Seo Ha-Joon who has shown solid acting in the drama ‘Pincess Aurora,’ skilled idol Yang Yo-Seob who starred in the musicals ‘Gwanghwamun Love Song’ and ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,’ and Leo of Vixx who will melt the heart of female fans with his looks will show four different colors of ‘Lee Young-Jae.’


Gwak Seon-Young, Jung Min-Joo, and Jung Eun-Ji play ‘Han Ji-Eun’

For the role of lovely girl ‘Han Ji-Eun,’ rising musical star Gwak Seon-Young who has shown great acting and voice in musicals such as ‘Gloomy Day,’ ‘Notre-Dame de Paris,’ and ‘Mozart Opera Rock,’ Jung Min-Joo (Joo), the singer who has been showing her various charms through the drama ‘Dream High,’ and the musical ‘Catch Me If You Can,’ and talented vocalist Jung Eun-Ji, who has shown solid performance in the musical ‘Legally Blonde,’ and gained great popularity from the drama ‘Reply 1997,’ will show various colors of the character.

The musical <Full House> starts its run on April 11.


Musical ‘Full House’ Starring Yang Yoseob, Jung Eun-ji and Leo

Written by Han Jihee