[FOCUS] Jeon Do-Yeon, Go Soo, and Their Smiles

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On November 12th, director Bang Eun-Jin’s movie <The Way Home> had its press release at Apgujeong CGV. Jeon Do-yeon and Go Soo were seen smiling continually. Perhaps it was because their painful and difficult work is all over. Unlike the dark tone of the movie, they kept smiling.

Written by Milim Han, Photo by Ryuma



They look very close. We guessed that they became close during the shoot, but actually they didn’t get to see each other much at all since Jeon shot most of her scenes overseas while Go shot them in Korea. Go Soo Said, “Since we didn’t have many opportunities to shoot together, we monitored each other’s scenes to be in tune. “



Jeon’s trade-mark smile. It’s been a while~

Jeon Do-Yeon returned to the screen after a long break. She said that she was nervous since it’s been a while. But she skillfully explained her character ‘Song Jeong-Yeon.’ She shot some of the scenes in Najayo Women’s Prison in Dominican Republic with actual prisoners. She said, “We couldn’t tell who the real prisoners were and who the extras were. I was scared since I didn’t know what was going to happen. But prisoners found it very interesting to participate in the movie.”



Go Soo, even your smiles look like that of a sculpture.

Go Soo, who played a ruthless character with ambition in <Empire of Gold>, played a man who tries everything to rescue his wife this time. He decisively gave up his sculpture like looks and gained weight in order to look like an ordinary husband. He said, “I feel this movie reminds us of the importance of family.”



SYNOPSIS ‘Jeong-Yeon,’ who has a loving husband and a daughter, is accused of being a drug dealer at the Orly Airport in France, and gets sent to a prison. In a prison in Martinique Island on the other side of the globe, she spends nightmarish two years without a trail. <The Way Home> is based on a true story that happened in 2004. For the reality, they shot in various locations including Korea, France, and Dominican Republic, and captured Caribbean Sea in the screen for the first time as a Korean movie.