[Film Focus] Donghae, Song Seung-Hyun, and Nam Ji-Hyun Star in

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A project supported by Korea Creative Content Agency, <Youth Project> (tentative) selects five talented creators and supports them to create 5 movies. They share the same subjects: ‘Youth,’ ‘Young Actors,’ and ‘Action.’ With the subject of ‘Youth’ which can easily gather sympathy of the viewers, each movie casted rising stars to gain competitive edge. A total of five movies is being made: <Rumors>, <Outring>, <No One Can Be Trusted>, <Way To the Training Camp>, and Play Girl>.

<Rumors> is already in its latter stage of production. It is a movie directed by Kim Jin-Moo, who directed <Apostle>, an independent movie made from the testimonies of North Korea escapees. <Rumors> tried to express the weakness, instability, and guilt of the students as someone spreads a rumor to become the class president. Super Junior’s ‘Donghae’ and INY’s ‘Woorin’ have been cast.



Shot in Busan, the movie <Outing> tried to describe the world that is full of arrogance and prejudice, by telling a story of a young student who has been stigmatized. Tahiti’s ‘Ari’ and new actor Kim Tae-Wan have been cast.

<No One Can Be Trusted> is also in its latter stages of production. Directed by the seasoned director Joo Seong-Soo, the movie describes three young people who try to become bank robbers in order to overcome their fears about the future. Through them, the movie shows the society which has driven them to make such decisions. FT Island’s ‘Song Seung-Hyun’ has been cast.



<Way To the Training Camp> describes the military seen in the delicate eyes of girls. 4minute’s Nam Ji-Hyun, actor Goo Won from <Fists of Legend> and Jung Hae-In who currently stars in <Bride of the Century> have been cast.

While <Way To the Training Camp> talks about men in the eyes of women, <Play Girl> talks about women through the eyes of men. Directed by Jung Won-Sik, <Play Girl> describes the growth of troubled high school students. ‘Seo Eun-Ah’ who has received the New Actress Award at the Grand Bell Awards with the movie <Act>, and ‘Kim Seon-Ah’ from <Reply 1997> will star in the movie.

All five movies are currently in their production stages. Donghae, Song Seung-Hyun, and Nam Ji-Hyun’s transformation as actors is highly anticipated.


Written by Han Jihee