Comparison of School Uniforms with Idols (EXO Vs. Infinite Vs. Kim Woo-Bin)

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Around this time, new students always have hard time deciding which brand to choose for their school uniforms. Each brand tries to stand out with idols as their commercial models. Let’s see what each brand has to offer.



Ivy Club

EXO-K were selected as the commercial models along with the actress Kim Yoo-Jeong in 2012 right after their debut, and this year, all 12 members including EXO-M shows their ‘Killing Fit’ with Seo Ye-Ji.

For the first time in the school uniform industry, Ivy Club used ‘4-Way Power Stretch Fabric’ for their new line of school uniforms. By enabling the fabric to stretch four ways rather than two, it eased students’ movements. They will give comfortable fit and enable students to be active.

In addition, they accentuated the knee line for the male student uniforms, and raised the waist line for the female student uniforms, making their legs seem longer. They added an adjustable hook in the waist line, enabling students to adjust their fit freely. For female student uniforms, they accentuated the overall line of the upper body with the 3D jacket, and made the skirt cleaner with ‘Console Zippers.’




Elite fronted Infinite and Juniel as their models. Their ‘V line’ gathers the bottom of the skirt, making their legs seem longer.

‘Skinny Pants’ for the male students feature slim fit. ‘Prince Line Shirt’ naturally sticks to the sides, making the body look slim. ‘Magic Sleeves’ can be adjusted up to 3 cm without sewing, and skirts have a total of six buttons, making it adjustable up to 5 cm.

Elite school uniforms feature NFC chip ‘Elite Guard’ for the safety of the students. Personal ‘Elite Guards’ such as parents and police stations can be set from the mobile app, and once it is touched, it sends the emergency message and GPS location to registered numbers. It can be carried inside the inner pockets of the uniforms, and it is safe from dry cleaning and washing.




Along with the group B1A4, rising star Kim Woo-Bin, and actress Ha Yeon-Soo are the models for Smart. With the concept of ‘School Uniforms as I want,’ they show their own styles with the uniforms.

Using a fabric called Gentra, Smart uniforms feature great flexibility and resilience, which improves upon the spandex fabric. For the winter uniforms, they used ‘Warmth Keeping’ method, making the uniforms light but warm.

The waist line is adjustable up to 10 cm for male uniforms and 5 cm for the female uniforms. Especially, the skirt lengths are adjustable up to 8 cm. Also, they used magnets for the bottom of the jackets, so that they would keep a nice shape.



Written by Han Jihee