How Are Actresses’ Dresses? Modest or Daring?

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On November 5th, the press release for the SBS Special ‘She Gets Married Thrice’ was held in the Grand Convention Wedding Hall in Dangsan Dong, Seoul. In a place where many actresses attended, their dress codes stood out. Becoming a lady or a tramp, being modest or daring.

Written by Milim Han, Photo by Ryuma


Lee Ji-Ah


Lee Ji-Ah came back to the screen in 2 years. She chose white. She accentuated her feminine charms with soft silk texture and details of lace and pleats.


Uhm Ji-Won


Maybe this is the office style? Her white blouse and black skirt show the modesty itself. But also the fun elements are there as well – the slit in the sleeve!


Seo Young-Hee


Seo Young-Hee, who used to have a modest image, showed the opposite by wearing a dress that exposes her bare side. The accent made by the hot pink lipstic is interesting.


Kim Jung Nan


While in her 40s, she caught the attention with see-through skirt, with legs that look better than those of women in their 20s.


Jang Hee-Jin


She chose an ivory skirt that is graceful and girlish. By not showing her skin, she looks sweet and innocent.


Son Yeo-Eun


The publich might not quite know of her yet. She was recently in <Guam Heo Jun> and <King’s Dream>. She accentuated her sexy nature through her reserved see-through dress that expose her shoulders, waist, and knees.