KBS “Entertainment Awards,” the First Year-End Awards

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For celebrities, year-end awards are the most glamorous places for them. They are ‘festivals’ where all celebrities gather together and get rewarded for their work for the year as they are congratulated by their fellow celebrities. However, for the viewers, the amount of awards that are held in various genres and networks can be overwhelming. Especially, the customary sharing of the awards that have been continuing since few years ago has stolen the prestige and fairness of awards.

In such trends, how was the KBS’ <Entertainment Awards> that started off as the first year-end awards? Of course, many awardees and nominees didn’t make sense while many others were rightfully so. A veteran comedian was treated poorly while a girl group member who barely did anything in entertainment programs received the New Star Award.

As usual, Absurd moments existed while witty moments also existed. KBS’ <Entertainment Awards> was able to last its three hours of broadcasting with good storytelling structure, thanks to the powerful contents of <Gag Concert>.

While comedy programs of other networks still fail to escape the late night slot with low ratings, <Gag Concert> keeps its position as the highest rated program on Sunday evenings. Also, most of the new buzzwords originate from <Gag Concert>.

At the awards, comedy division overwhelmed the entertainment division. Having received the New Star Awards with mere 2~3 months of experience, Bora (Sistar) and John Park’s speeches were somewhat embarrassing. But the speeches of An So-Mi, who received the award in her fifth year as a comedian, and Lee Moon-Jae, who failed the comedian audition 13 times, were moving.

The entertainment division is always the playground of few popular hosts. On the other hand, comedy division results in different nominees every year according to comedians’ efforts and performances, making the award more interesting.

More than anything, the most notable fact is that Kim Jun-Ho is the winner of the Grand Prize Award of this year’s <Entertainment Awards>. It is an unexpected result that differs from the widely expected nominee Yoo Jae-Suk, who has been leading <Happy Together> for last eight years.


Yoo Jae-Suk was only awarded one side award, ‘Best Eating Award.’ Aside from the indifference of KBS that hasn’t been properly treating the top host of Korea, it is a bit absurd that they played(?) with Yoo with a mere ‘Best Eating Award.’

However, Kim Jun-Ho did not win the award by discrimination. It is encouraging that the winner of the award came from <Gag Concert>. Also, it has been 10 years since a comedian received the Grand Prize Award.

By simply looking at the programs Kim participated this year, it is hard to make a case against him. He was in all of the KBS’ main entertainment programs including <Gag Concert>, <The Human Condition>, and <1 Night 2 Days>.

In his acceptance speech, Kim said, “When I was young, I came to KBS to watch the performance of Shim Hyung-Rae, and got kicked out. I became a comedian to make seek revenge on the security, and came to receive this award.”

Having started with abrupt New Star Award of Sistar’s Bora, KBS <Entertainment Award> decorated its ending by letting go of Yoo Jae Suk and taking Kim Jun-Ho. The regret for Yoo Jae-Suk who ended up with no significant awards and the adequacy for Kim Jun-Ho coexisted.

KBS <Entertainment Awards> shines because of the power of <Gag Concert>, so it is hard to deny that it provides much fuller contents than other network awards that rely on Yoo Jae-Suk and Kang Ho-Dong.