[TV Review] ‘Where Are You Going, Daddy?’ Crazy Arm-wrestle Match of Moms

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In ‘Where Are You Going, Daddy?’ aired on January 5, moms showed their talents just as good as the dads’. At the ‘Family Night’ special, a sudden arm-wrestle match among moms took place after the talent show.

Under passionate cheering of the kids, Song Jong-Guk’s wife Park Ip-Seon showed unexpected strength. With great strength, she went on a winning streak and got to the final match with Sung Dong-Il’s wife.

When everybody was expecting Park Ip-Seon to win, Sung Dong-Il’s wife, Park Gyeong-Hye ended up winning. Sung’s family cheered, and other kids broke into tears.

While the <Family Night> ended up with kids’ tears, they gave laughter and enjoyment for the viewers.

Meanwhile, Kim Seong-Joo, Sung Dong-Il, and Yoon Min-Soo will continue onto the second season of ‘Where Are You Going, Daddy?’ while Ahn Jung-Hwan, Kim Jin-Pyo, and Ryu Jin join in as new members.