[Movie Chaser] Korean Movies to Lead the Box Office

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Korean movies are showing its surprising vigor. ‘The Attorney,’ which brought much discussion in its opening, is still recording the number one spot in its ticket sales 2 weeks after its opening. It is well on its way to become the first movie to record 10 million viewers in 2014. The runner up is also a Korean movie. Gong Yoo’s ‘The Suspect’ is gaining steady popularity with its realistic action scenes.



‘The Attorney’ starring Song Kang-Ho recorded 6 million viewers as of January 1. According to the distributor NEW, ‘The Attorney’ passed the 6 million mark around noon on January 1. On the day before, it had the record of 5.7 million viewers – which means more than 500 thousand people watched the movie on January 1.

Having opened on the midnight of 18th, ‘The Attorney’ recorded 1.7 million viewers in its first week, lighting up a green light for its success. During the Christmas break, it gathered another 1 million viewers over two days.

Its momentum did not stop there. It created a weird phenomenon by recording more viewers in the third week than its first week. In average, they are gaining a million viewers every two days. With such momentum, it is likely to record 8 million viewers in the first weekend of January. Experts expect it to record 10 million viewers soon, with its advance sale rate of over 40%.

‘The Attorney’ is set in early 80s in Busan, and tells the story of tax attorney Song Woo-Suk (played by Song Kang-Ho), who has no money or connections, and five trials and the surrounding people that changed his life.


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While the run of ‘The Attorney’ is unstoppable, another Korean movie is recording steady popularity: ‘The Suspect.’ Known as the first action movie by Gong Yoo, it is said to be the movie that took the Korean action movie a step forward with its solid action scenes and cinematography.

Having opened on 24th, ‘The Suspect’ recorded a total of 2.2 million viewers as of 31st. It passed the 2 million mark in 8 days. It is a record that took 3 days less than Won Bin’s ‘The Man From Nowhere,’ which recorded 2 million viewers in 11 days.

‘The Suspect’ is a story about the special agent Ji Dong-Cheol (Gong Yoo) who chases after the killer of his family. With realistic actions and Gong Yoo’s skillful actions, it is gaining positive reviews.

‘The Man From Nowhere’ was the only action movie to succeed with one male actor as protagonist. Will Gong Yoo become the second person to get this honorable title?