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Q. Yang Jin-Sung, how is it to play two roles?

Yang Jin-Sung: It’s fun to play two roles, but people don’t talk to me when I play ‘Jang Yi-Gyeong.’ I focus on my character, so I guess my looks change.

Lee Hong-Ki: I like it. When she changes into ‘Yang Jin-Sung’ from ‘Nah Du-Rim,’ there’s an hour of a break. When she plays ‘Jang Yi-Gyeong,’ she doesn’t talk. Since we have many cold scenes, both of us don’t talk then. It’s interesting to see us change like that. (laughs)

Q. Do you have interesting lines in the drama?

Lee Hong-Ki: Well, I can remember “You and I don’t have the same status.” It is an embarrassing thing to say as Lee Hong-Ki, but when I said it in the shoot, I felt like I became ‘Choi Gang-Ju.’ Many of the lines are the things you can’t say unless you’re that rich. I’m having a great time.

Q. The character of ‘Nah Du-Rim’ is a stubborn character – did you have any worries? 

Yang Jin-Sung: I saw the screening of the first and second episodes, and I could not look at my character. When I become ‘Nah Du-Rim,’ I put shading powder all over my face and brighten my cheeks. 

Lee Hong-Ki: She becomes really ugly. (laughs)

Yang Jin-Sung: And I wear sweatsuits. It’s a character that does anything to earn money. While there were many challenging scenes, I had so much fun. When I was acting out tough scenes without worrying about the next day, I felt my thirst for acting. 

Q. Who would you choose as the ideal type between ‘Nah Du-Rim’ and ‘Jang Yi-Gyeong?’

Lee Hong-Ki: I would date ‘Jang Yi-Gyeong.’ It is fun to make bad girls nice. (laughs) But I would marry kind Du-Rim.

Q. Lee, did you have any challenges with your character?

Lee Hong-Ki: In the beginning, I tried to lower my voice tone to make my character more believable. I practiced a lot, and had many thoughts. It is still hard to find a tone for my character. It would’ve been much easier with a positive character. 

Q. OSTs sung by Lee Hong-Ki always becomes the issue – are you singing one this time?

Lee Hong-Ki: In ‘You’re Beautiful,’ I thought my voice in the OST wouldn’t affect the drama, but for this drama I had many scenes – so I declined in the beginning. But the director thought differently. He suggested I sing for the OST, so I got to do one. 

Q. You have a scene where you speak Japanese. Was it for your Japanese fans?

Lee Hong-Ki: Originally it was French. But I wasn’t confident in French, and asked if I could do Japanese which I can speak well. We were able to cast my friend ‘Reiko Dakashima’ for the scene.




Q. It was said that this drama would be your turning point – how do you want to present yourself as an actor

Lee Hong-Ki: The characters I’ve played so far were either idols or musicians. Of course, they were easy, and they suited me. But I’d like to show that there is another side of me through this character.

Q. What was your impression for each other before the drama?

Lee Hong-Ki: I first saw Yang Jin-Sung in the drama ‘City Hunter.’ Min-Hwan in FT Island was an avid viewer, so I watched it with him. She was a boyish character, but when I met her in person she had a bright personality. 

Yang Jin-Sung: I knew that he had been acting since he was young. I liked his sincere and comfortable acting, aside from him as a musician. I have many shortcomings, but Hong-Ki covers parts that I miss. Thanks to him, I’m having a great time with this drama.

Q. As an actor, do you have a thirst for traditional plots?

Lee Hong-Ki: Rather than those, I want to try something unique. Either a charming character or a character with a big twist. In fact, I’m pretty bad at being elegant, and can’t play ordinary characters. I could try a psychopath though. 

Yang Jin-Sung: He would be great for that.

Lee Hong-Ki: So I act as ‘Choi Gang-Ju,’ and shoot again in a comic character.

Yang Jin-Sung: He has a lot of talent – he transforms into ‘Choi Gang-Ju’ in every shooting. In breaks, he shows me five different versions of his character. (laughs)

Q. How is it being loved by two women after doing a one-sided love in ‘You’re Beautiful?’

Lee Hong-Ki: It’s nice to be loved by two women. There was no kiss scene with Jang Ah-Young, but the director made one for her. I’m happy these days.

Q. Who’s closer to your ideal type between Yang Jin-Sung and Park Shin-Hye?

Lee Hong-Ki: Both of them are great. (thinks) I think Yang Jin-Sung would be more… (laughs)

Q. Lee Hong-Ki, you receive somewhat a cold reacting in Korea. I feel that you’d have some concerns

Lee Hong-Ki: I do have many concerns. When I was young, I didn’t want to act a lot. As an adult, I think of it with the mindset of a new actor. But the public seems to have higher expectation considering I had been a child actor. I receive many comments when I act.. I want to receive feedbacks that say that I’m great at unique characters. I want to become someone who’s good at both acting and singing. I wonder what I should do for domestic and international audiences. For music, I’m doing totally different styles. I want to be loved by many people in Korea. This is a period where I have many thoughts. Many ask me ‘Are you alright?’ and I usually say, ‘I’ve got to try harder, until it shows.’ I love both music and acting, so I can’t give up.

Q. Last greetings for the people waiting for ‘Bride of the Century?’

Lee Hong-Ki: Did you watch ‘Cheongdam 111?’ This drama is much more enjoyable. Hope you look forward to it!

Yang Jin-Sung: It’s been three months since we shot this drama. We’re doing our best. Hope you enjoy the drama.

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Written by Han Jihee, Photo by Ryuma


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  1. Juliet says:

    I couldn’t believe this was my cute and funny Jeremy as choi king joo. Lee hong ki oppa av matured a lot in acting.

  2. Grace says:

    I am soo in love with Yang Jin Sung. She’s really good. Hope to see her act in more challenging roles in the future.

  3. yuuuu says:

    Yang jin sung’s acting is just terrific! I wonder how she puts differences in her smiles. She’s a beauty and I look forward to seeing her in a much more epic roles.

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