Infinite’s Film Revealing Their Private Appearance to Open on December 4!

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Boy Band Infinite’s film titled <Grow: Infinite’s Real Youth Life> opens on December 4.

In the film <Grow: Infinite’s Real Youth Life>, Infinite will show their private appearance during the world tour. They will also honestly talk about their life as a member of boy band including their agony and stories behind the stages.

Fans can see Sungyeol, who seems very playful but always takes good care of other members, Woohyun’s passion for writing music, Dong-woo who is so into taking pictures and Hoya who is so eager to learn dance that he enrolled for dance academy in the film.

Appearances of Sungkyu who always struggles with trauma on stage, Sungjong who is going through a second adolescence and L who is showing great performance in drama, and world tour will be seen as well.

Besides, singer Jungyeop will narrate for the film to encourage them.

This film will focus more on personal growth of each member revealing their conflict between members and worries as not only a member of boy band but human beings.

<Grow: Infinite’s Real Youth Life>, which reveals their private appearance will open on November 4.


◎Photo Gallery – <Grow: Infinite’s Real Youth Life>

 Written by Han Jihee, Photography by Golden Tide Pictures, Translated by Park Kayla

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